Top 5 English Tuition Centres in Singapore

English tuition is a necessity for students of all levels to improve their language and writing skills. While some may argue that they can do just as well in school, private tutors can often provide better insight into the syllabus and give the extra guidance needed to boost student confidence and overall performance.

When choosing a Secondary English Tuition Singapore, it’s important to find a centre that specialises in the subject and has a good track record of improving students’ grades. A reputable centre should also be able to offer a full range of services, from regular classes to intensive revision courses before exams.

Whether your child is just starting out or needs to boost their A-Level grades, our list of top centres will help you choose the best English Tuition Singapore. Most of these centres boast impressive success rates and boast online reviews from parents who have seen their children’s grades improved as a result of attending their English tuition classes.

A specialist enrichment and English tuition centre, Jan & Elly prides itself on making their lessons fun and engaging so that students actually look forward to their English tuition classes! Their teaching methods align with the MOE English syllabus, and their low teacher-to-student ratio means that each student receives the attention they deserve.

Another English Tuition Singapore that focuses on the overall growth of its students, Cognitus Academy is a highly recommended choice. Their programmes focus on both reading and writing, incorporating the latest critical thinking and writing strategies to help students excel in the subject. The academy also offers short-term courses and holiday workshops to keep their students up-to-date with the latest revision techniques and strategies.

Featuring a team of experienced and passionate English teachers, illum.e is a highly sought-after tuition centre in Singapore. Their extensive experience with both primary and secondary level English students has helped them develop effective teaching methodologies to ensure that their students achieve the highest results possible. Their consistent high examination scores attest to their dedication to helping students excel in the English subject.

In addition to offering comprehensive English tuition, iClub is also a full-service centre that offers both IP and General Paper GP Tuition for JC students. The curriculum is designed to be customised for each individual student, and the centre works closely with students to develop their strengths, identify their weaknesses and create an action plan to address them. They also place an emphasis on fostering open communication between students and tutors, as they believe that giving students individualised feedback is key to helping them reach their full potential. This allows them to address any concerns that their students might have about their English tuition, ensuring that they feel confident and prepared for their examinations. In addition, they offer regular workshops and mock exams to give their students a chance to practice and revise before their tests.