Sharon Marie Cline

Despite her young age, Sharon Marie Cline has already been in the jazz scene for a number of years. Her unique song stylings and her contemporary take on standards have made her one of the most sought after performers on the LA jazz circuit. Her smooth and soulful style has brought her into the spotlight of the city and has introduced many of the city’s residents to her smooth jazz sound.

The young woman from Jacksonville, Florida, started her music career at an early age. As a young girl, she discovered her passion for singing and knew that she would make music her life. At twelve, she began pursuing her dream of becoming a great interpreter of American music lyrics. She studied with the best vocal coaches in the state of Florida. She was also heavily involved in musical theatre productions in Jacksonville. Eventually, she relocated to Los Angeles. She has continued to perform at the most posh and elegant rooms in Tinseltown. She has received rave reviews from friends and family.

The Sharon Marie Cline young singer is an accomplished musician and has shared the stage with the legends of jazz. She has performed at various clubs, festivals, and special events all over the world. Her performances are memorable, and her songs are both soulful and expressive. She has a five octave range and possesses a rich, silky voice. She has a captivating stage presence and a captivating ear for music. Her approach to show tunes is refreshing and unique, and she has a deep sense of jazz history to her song stylings.

After being exposed to the greats in the jazz field, including Sarah Vaughan, Natalie Cole, and Aretha Franklin, Sharon began to learn how to use her voice in an artistic way. She developed a new interpretation of classic standards and began to breathe new life into these classics. Her approach to classic songs is unique, charming, and refreshing. She uses a combination of rhythmic variations, sweet intonations, and a contemporary feel to bring these songs to life. She has even recorded some of her own original compositions. She is one of the hottest female singers in the country, and her sultry singles will turn any evening into a romantic affair.

She has performed at the Catalina Jazz Club, which provides “Nothing but the Best in Jazz.” She has performed at several other clubs in the Los Angeles area, and she continues to be an exciting part of the LA jazz scene. Her performances have garnered her a reputation as an artist of style, grace, and sophistication.