Playground Line Markings

Playground line markings are the perfect way to breathe new life into old and tired looking asphalt or concrete playground areas. They’re also non-slip; safe, durable and come in a wide range of attractive colours. Unlike paint markings which fade after time, thermoplastic playground markings are long-lasting and can even last up to 10 years if properly maintained.

Many schools across the UK have been embracing a trend to make their outdoor spaces into an active learning environment. This has included transforming their playgrounds with colourful, interactive and educational thermoplastic playground markings that support a cross-curricular curriculum. Working with local playground marking and schoolyard stencilling companies, they can create a design that fits their specific requirements and the needs of their students.

Maths playground markings are a popular type of marking that help children develop their numeracy skills in an active learning environment. These types of markings can include number grids, fractions and shapes. They are an excellent way for children to learn while they’re playing, as this helps them to retain and understand the information in a different manner.

Bright preformed thermoplastic markings in schoolyards and playgrounds inspire children to interact with each other, and let their imaginations run wild. They can be as simple as a letter maze, a number snake or a large compass. Alternatively, they can be as complex as an entire obstacle course that encourages balance and coordination.

Thermoplastic is a great choice for school playgrounds because it is environmentally friendly and does not contain any harmful chemicals such as lead or chromates. It is also easy to install being quick and hassle-free, with the surface ready to use the following day. Additionally, thermoplastic is highly durable, standing up to heavy rainfall and regular use, meaning that it will remain intact for a very long period of time.

It is important to regularly sweep your playground markings in order to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris which can cause damage over time. Additionally, you should try to avoid using chemicals or harsh cleaners that can damage the markings and reduce their lifespan. Thermoplastic will not fade due to rain or sunlight, however it is a good idea to hose down your playground markings every 6 months to keep them looking brand new.

While painted playground markings can be cheaper, thermoplastic playground markings are a more long-lasting option that will provide an exceptional return on investment. In addition to reducing the risk of injuries, they also boost student engagement and help them to become more confident learners. In addition, they are safer than traditional playground equipment and can be installed in any area of a school. If you’re considering installing playground markings in your school, speak to the team at Project Playgrounds today. They’ll provide a free site survey and comprehensive to scale playground design followed by a superb installation and exceptional after sales service.