Is it Worth Opening a Shop Front?

A shop front is one of the first elements of a business to be noticed, and it can make or break the success of a retail establishment. It is the first impression that is made to customers and, with a carefully chosen design, can add value for businesses in a number of ways – from enriching product perception to encouraging more footfall.

While some people may wonder whether it is worth opening a shopfront with the rise of online shopping, it can be very much worthwhile and can help to distinguish you from your competitors. A well-designed, eye-catching shop front encourages passersby to step inside, enticed by curiosity and a desire to explore the offerings that lie within. This can lead to a higher customer conversion rate than those that visit online.

As with any type of building, the shop front is an essential element that needs to be considered when deciding on the build. Depending on the style, material and colour, it can communicate the values, personality and brand of a company to its target market, adding to the overall business image and reputation.

Shopfronts are also a great way to advertise the products and services offered, and a glass shopfront is the ideal solution for this. With a glazed shopfront, it is easy to display products and promotions that are currently running, making it a cost-effective marketing tool.

A good quality shopfront is a great investment for any business  and offers excellent security benefits. Robust materials, reinforced glass and secure entrances all contribute to creating a safe environment for employees and customers. Shopfronts can be designed and fabricated to include a variety of security features, including alarms, sensors, key code entry systems and other security features, so they are tailored for the specific requirements of each individual business.

Unlike traditional windows, which can block natural light, commercial glass shop fronts are able to allow sunlight to pass through the building, brightening the interior space and increasing the sense of size. This can also increase productivity and wellbeing of staff, with studies showing that natural daylight helps people to absorb vitamin D, which can help to combat depression and improve general health.

A commercial glass shop front can be curved and moulded to fit the shape of any building, seamlessly fitting into any space. This flexibility allows for a range of options to be created, from modern minimalist styles, through to more traditional and ornate designs. They can be sprayed and coated in a wide range of colours, helping to match them with any design scheme. In addition to this, they are easy to maintain and withstand high levels of traffic. They are also incredibly lightweight, which reduces the amount of stress they exert on their frame and hinges. This ensures that they can withstand the weather conditions without the risk of damage and rust. This makes them a great option for busy locations. They can also be fitted with automatic doors and shutters for added convenience.