Bi Fold Aluminium Doors – Make Your Home Feel Larger Without Building an Extension

Modern bi fold aluminium doors allow homeowners to make their homes feel larger without building an extension. Their aesthetically narrow frames encompass large glass panes, creating the feeling of open space, and can even give the impression that they are completely frameless.

With their superior strength and sleek aesthetics, aluminium bi fold aluminium doors uk bifold doors are the perfect solution for any home improvement project. They are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, making them a beautiful addition to any property. When looking for a company to supply and fit bi fold doors, be sure to check their credentials. Make sure they have a comprehensive insurance policy, as well as an outstanding customer service policy and a solid reputation for quality work.

Aside from their beauty, aluminium bifold doors offer a wealth of other advantages over uPVC products. They are durable, weatherproof, and highly insulating, so they can improve the thermal efficiency of any home. Additionally, they can be easily customised to suit the individual style of any house. There are a variety of configuration options available, from two to seven leafs opening left or right and in or out. They can also be fitted with low energy shoot bolt locking, child safety systems and internal hinges to prevent trapped fingers.

The superior insulation of aluminium bifold doors can save homeowners money on their heating bills. As with uPVC, the thermal performance of a bifold door depends on the insulating properties of both the glass and the frame. Unlike the previous generation of aluminium windows and doors, which had a single frame, today’s aluminium bifolds incorporate a thermal break between the inner and outer aluminium profiles. This is a strip of low thermal conductive material (usually polyamide) which stops heat from flowing between the aluminium frames. This reduces cold bridging and therefore minimises condensation.

The aluminium used for bifolds is also stronger than uPVC, which allows the frames to be slimline and yet capable of supporting large glass panels. This means that you can have a larger proportion of glazing for the same size of opening, which makes your living spaces feel bigger and brighter. The best aluminium bifold doors uk can achieve a clear opening of up to 90%, which is much greater than traditional french doors or patio doors.

All our aluminium bifold doors are manufactured by the leading brands in the UK and can be made to measure to ensure a perfect fit. They are tested to PAS 24 standards and comply with Document Q regulations, as well as offering a choice of double or triple glazing to meet your specific requirements.

When choosing a supplier for your new aluminium bifold doors, it is important to visit a showroom that can display full sized examples of the products. This is because it is only by examining the base track, the operation of the doors and the sightline that you can get a true idea of how they will look in your property.