190 Visa WA – How to Apply For a Skilled Worker Visa

190 Visa WA is a permanent work visa for people with skills that are in demand in Australia. It allows you and your family to live, study and work in Australia permanently. You can also enrol in Australia’s public health care scheme, Medicare and sponsor relatives to come to Australia. However, there are several requirements and procedures that you must follow to be eligible for the 190 visa. These include submitting evidence of your character, meeting the necessary points score and having a job offer from an Australian employer. It is best to seek professional migration advice before you apply for this visa.

The 190 Visa WA is different from the subclass 189 visa in that it requires a state or territory government to nominate you before you can make an application. The visa has two streams that you can choose from, and the requirement for state nomination is based on your occupation’s demand in a particular area and the local labour market.

If you are interested in this visa, you must first submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the SkillSelect online system and meet the minimum point score for your chosen occupation. Once you have submitted your EOI, the Department of Home Affairs will invite you to apply for the visa, depending on your occupation’s demand and the demand in your nominating state or territory.

Once you are invited, you must submit the required documents including a valid passport, proof of identity, medical and police certificates and a letter from an Australian migration agent or employer stating that they have nominated you for this visa. You must also pass a basic skills test to prove that you are proficient in English and have the necessary level of work experience to be considered for a skilled worker visa.

After the EOI is lodged, you will need to wait until the visa department issues you an Invitation to Apply (ITA). This stage remains identical for both the 189 and 190 visas.

It takes a year and four months to process the visa, so it is best to start planning for it early. If you have a good understanding of the visa requirements, you can save time and money by preparing your application well in advance.

The 190 visa is a popular choice for skilled workers wanting to settle in Australia permanently. You can enjoy a range of benefits such as free access to the public health care system and Medicare, work in any occupation and sponsor your family members for an Australian citizenship. However, it is important to note that if you are granted this visa, you will not be able to travel outside of Australia. Moreover, you may face delays in processing your application due to the numerous requests by the visa office. However, our experts at emigrate to Australia are here to help you get the right advice and complete your visa in the least amount of time.